Having previously been featured on Chronixx’s militant medley, ‘Selassie Souljahz’ (along with Sizzla Kalonji and Kabaka Pyramid), Protoje returned the gesture by featuring Chronixx on the lead single of his upcoming third album. The track called ‘Who Knows’ is an example of what happens when opportunity meets lyrical and production skills. Undeniably big tunes. This one is for the free spirits among us who value community and show constant gratitude for life.

The tune is produced by Winta James for Overstand Entertainment (Rootsman RiddimMilitancy Riddim) and was rolled out on March 18 via iTunes. The official video, directed by Storm Saulter (director of Better Mus’ Come) premiered of Friday, May 2 to worldwide love. It features all the great elements of an average day “chilling in the West Indies” and also a long list of Revival generation cameos. Veteran deejay Big Youth can be seen in the opening moments, playing a symbolic driver role.

Make no mistake: ‘Who Knows’ is more than just a cool song with cool video. It is, in fact, one of the greatest statements made thus far for the Reggae Revival in that both Protoje and Chronixx are showing us what is possible when egotistical behavior is abandoned for fruitful collaboration. For their efforts, they have attracted more than 100,000 YouTube views of the music video in the first 3 days, an initial rate neither had yet achieved solo.

Both artists have set a great example in working together considering that, as early as February 2013, some irresponsible media entities were set to instigate a rivalry between them by asking fans to compare them in “who badder than who” fashion. In a music culture accustomed to public personality clashes, Protoje and Chronixx stayed true to roots, and neither of them reacted to the unnecessary hype. After more than a year of calculated silence, we are blessed with this product of the love and respect shared between these two rising champions of reggae music. Their fans have good reason to be proud of them as do all others who value unity and positive vibrations through music and art.

In case you missed it, below is a beyond the scenes clip in which the artists share how they first met, giving a sense of how fondly they regard each other and each other’s works (and disappointing all instigators of rivalries in the process).

Article courtesy of Dutty Bookman - www.reggae-revival.com